MS-05 Dental X-ray film processor

MS-05 Dental X-ray film processor

Light-room operation, small volume, low noise, simple operation, safe, fast, and durable.

Classified as Wall Mounted Type and Desk Top Type, and former can save planar space (Standard configuration). The latter is movable (Additionality optional )

Multi-film developing may be started when the developer and fixer is at 18-25℃.

Entering each film every 30 seconds for multi-film developing,and the development may last 2-8 minutes.This can be adjusted in accordance to the exposure conditions of x-ray machine.

Film size( 2×3, 3×4 and 2.7× 5.4cm ) is available.

It is convenient for daily maintaince, and can replace chemical solution without any tool.

Nominal-Voltage: 220V±10%
Nominal Frequency: 50Hz
 Nominal Input power: <12W
 Film developing Time: 2-8 min
 Protecting Category: 11
 Defend Grade: IP21
 Weight of unit: 7.5kg
 Size: 42×19×45(cm)