MS-600 Microplate Washer

MS-600 Microplate Washer
Main Features

1.Touch LCD Screen,easy operation
2.Aspirate and dispense needle are separated
3.Four channels:detergent channel,two rinse channel and waste channel
4.3kinds of different plates can be washed(include flat bottom,U bottom and V bottom plate)
5.Dispense,aspirate,and soak can be programmed at user’s disposal.
6.Several wash method can be chosen
 (regular mode,2 point mode and bottom clean mode)
7.Plate shaking function and the intensity can be adjusted
8.Automatically calibrate the manifold and also fine tuning
9.Automatic monitoring pressure and vacuum,automatic rising cycle
10.Liquid warning
11.Emergency stop available can be continued.
12.Large memory to store up to 99 user programmed wash protocols

General Specification
Weight: 9.6Kg
Display: 240*128 Dot matrix LCD (Touch screen)

Dimension: 330*380*208mm

Input power: 120VA

Storage temperature: 0℃—55 ℃ 95%RH

Power supply: AC 110-240V, 50Hz/30Hz

Working temperature: 10 O C—30 O C 85%RH

Fluid reservoir capacity: 2L each for Wash, Rinse A B, and Waste

Language: English or Multi-language software available on request.

Washing specification:

Resolution: 10ul

Wash mode: Strip Mode and Plate Mode

Dispensing Volume: 50-9999uL in 1uL increment

Residual Volume: ≤2ul per well

Max Wash method: 99 kinds

Max Wash cycles: 99 times

Max Soaking time: 99 minutes 99 seconds

Shaking: Programmable in minute seconds Intensity - slow, medium, fast

Dispensing accuracy: ≤5%

Dispensing precision: 3% CV@ 300ul/well

Processing time (full plate,3 cycles,300ul/well):8-port manifold:180 sec/12-port mainfold: 120 sec

Assays: Elisa/Cell-based assays

Other specification:

Microplate types: 96-well standard height well( Flat bottom, U bottom, V bottom)

Fluid delivery: One internal vacuum pump

Buffer selection: Internal automatic switching for up to 2 wash buffers (optional)

vacuum pump negative pressure: 30 Kpa

Liquid exhaust: Detergent:50ml/plate ;Prewashing:20ml