Dental X-ray film in lightroom

Product Name:Dental X-ray film in lightroom
Shock-proof, radiation-proof, fixed anode, whole-rectified, composed head and have both remote control and handle control, dependable brake, stable performance, easy operation, graceful model and easy movement.
Power  supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz , 4kVA
Output power: 3kW
Tube  voltage: 40-90kVp
Tube  current : 15mA (50kV~90kV)    30mA (50kV~90kV)
         50mA (40kV~80kV)
Exposure time: 0.1~6.3 sec (15mA 30mA)  0.1~1.5 sec (50mA)
Operational method: handle control / remote control
Safety: Class1 Type B
1. Apply symmetrical adjustable and lamp-house been applicator,shooting convenient and exact, it is well in safety and defence.
2. The control panel with humanistic is concision and intuitionistic to operation.
3. The multifunctional cassette box is fit to use conveniently.
4. Advanced brake system can trig reliably.