MS-E160/180 Digital EEG And Mapping System

MS-1016/18 Digital EEG And Mapping System

■ The system integrates acquisition, amplification, filters and A/D resolution of signal into one module with SMD technology, which improves the reliability and antijamming ability of the system.
■ Automatically record EEG and 24 hours continuous  acquisition.

■ 16-lead EEG and 2-lead ECG , which have the function of automatic measurement.
     (1016: 16ch EEG)
■ Automatic scaling system.

■ Mark event, using different color stands different event

■ Digital video monitor system(option).

■ The manual and automatic flashlight stimulator.

■ The integrated design increases the antijamming ability and the sensibility of system simultaneously.

■ The multifunctional digital filter system, which has the function of setting up different filters and filtering methods.

■  More than 10 kinds of BEAM and EEG, such as top view, side view and monochromatic view are displayed in the same screen.
■ All kind of power spectrum BEAM, numerical BEAM and compressed spectrum graph.

■ Three-dimensional rotary BEAM.

■ Perfect case management system.
■ Integrated picture and character printout              

■ Convenient and quick USB