MS-1212 Twelve Channel ECG

MS-1212 Twelve Channel ECG

Main Feautres:
12-lead Simultaneouse Auquision
6” LCD,real-time display of 12 lead ECG waveforms
Detection and alarm on lead-off and low battery
Automatic Adjustment of baseline for optiomal priting
Built-in ECG simulator for DEMO purpose
Pre-10-second printing to print out any abnomal ECG waverform
Unique 6CH+P printing mode,convenient for physical examination and printing report on A4 paper
3 kinds of operation mode:AUTO,MAN and ANA
3 kinds of operation mode:AUTO,MAN and ANA
3 kinds of filter:HUM,EMG and ADS
Power supply:AC,DC and battery
2 types lead mode:Standard can cabrera
1000 ECG files can be saved
Communication with PC(Option)

Technical Specifications:
Safety Standard:IEC,ClassI,Type CF
Input Circuit:Floating,Protection against defibrillator and pacemaker
Lead:Standard 12 lead
Input Impendence: ≥50MΩ
Patient Current Leakage: < 10 A
Calibraiton Voltage:1mV±2%
Depolarization Voltage: ±500Mv
Ampling Rate:1.0ms(1000Hz)
A/D Constant:>12 bits
Frequency Response:0.05Hz~165Hz(-3Db)
Time constant: :>3.2s
Noise Level: < 15 Vp-p
CMRR: >100 Db
Digital Filters:HUM,EMG,ADS
Measurement:Heart rate,PR Int,Vent,Rate,P/QPS/T Axis
Patient Data:Date,Time,ID,Name,Gender,age,height,weight,blood pressure,etc.
System Data:Sensitivity,Paper Speed,Filter on/off,hospital name,etc.
Print-out:Vaveform,waveform+measurement report,or waremfor+measurement report+analysisi report
Printingsystem:High speed,high sensitivity thermal matrix pringint system
Paper Speed:6.25,12.5,25,50mm/s(±3%)
Printing Paper 216mmx30m roll paper
Power Supply: Power Supply: AC 110/220v,50/60Hz DC 14.4V/2Ah,Built-in rechargeable lithium batter

Standard Configurations:
Main unit,Patient Cable,Chest elelcrode,Lim elelctrode,Thermo paper,Paper Roller,Dust Cover,Lithium battery

Soft ware,Trolley,Wireless