MS-P120 Portable Ventilator

MS-P120 Portable Ventilator

Detailed Product Description
Microprocessor controlled system;
Suitable for adult & pediatric;
5.6 inch color LCD display;
Convenient using;
Use electronic knob setting;
Can be sued for emergency and emergenty transpot and ICU Treatment;
Respiratory valve can be repeatedly sterilized.
Monitoring powerful,able to monitor a variety of Respiratory parameters;
Improve the breathing pattern

Main Unit
Patient Type: Adult Pediatric
Driven Mode: Gas Driven electronically controlled
Working mode: Pressure Limited;Time Cycled;Volume controlled
Setting: Electronic Knob
Tidal Volume: 0~1500ml
Breathing Rate: 4~100bpm
I/E: 3:1~1:5
Trigger Sensitivity: -2Kpa ~ PEEP
PEEP(Optional): 0~ 2Kpa
Oxygen: 45% to 100%
Silence time for alarm: =120s
Power Supply: 100-240±10%,50/60HZ±1HZ
Electric ecurity:SIO10651-3;IEC60601-1

Monitoring Parameters
Tidal Volume,Minute Volume,Respiratory Rate,Airway Pressure(Peak,Flat),
The Vaveforms(Optional) include P-T,F-T,V-T,P-V loop,V-F loop

Tidal Volume,Airway pressure,Respiratory Rate,Apnea,Power Supply Failure,
Lack of Oxygen Pressure,Battery Low

Temperature Control
High Temperature alarm,Auto-Power Cut off
Power Supply: 220V±10%,50HZ±1HZ