MS-830 Trolley Ultrasound Unit

Instrument Character
1.Adopt advanced digitize circuit.Apply high frequency wave-beaming image forming technology,super-speed signal handlling,excellent imaging.
2.Adopt SMT production technique.Electric cirtric constructions are easy and efficient.
3.Probe adopt multi-lever voice lens,Wide frequency-band.Vast visual field,high sensitivity.
4.With the multi-function operation screen, linear array and convex array are complialbe. Applicable to each class hospital and clini for checking liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney, heart urine bladder, womb, ovary and other internal organs.
5.Digitized Medicinal image collecting and disposing,output diagnostic report with pictures and comments,patient cases memorizing(more than 256 pcs),consult,statistic,manage and support local area network to realize resources share and long-distance consultation.
6.Silica gel keyboard.
Main Functions
1.Measure and calculation function:Measure distance, perimeter,area, capacity, heart rate, velocity, and embryo age, anticipate the date of birth and etc.
2.Gynecology Software:BPD,GS,CRL,HL,FL,LV,WT,HC,AC add up toes nine kind.And can auto calculation,show gestation period etc.
3.Screen show:date,time,hospital name,patient name,sex,body mark,gain,focus,and magnification etc.
4.Image processing:Pre-processing,post-processing,Gamma correct,frame correlated,line correlated,edges strengthen,magnification function,left/righ turn,B/W turn,up/below winding,polarity development,double-channels repeated processing.
5.Image promoting function:Winding line,promote
6.Signal output function:SVGA,PAL-D
7.Piercing guiding function

Main Technique index
1.Scanning mode:Convex/Line array of electronics
2.Display mode:B,B+B,B+M,M
3.Scanning frequency:2.5 ~ 7.5MHz(many probes selectable)
4.Probe:Linear array R13mm/Convex array R40mm variable-frequency probe.
5.Scanning angle:Convex array 60° ~ 120°(depend on probe) Scanning width:Linear 110mm
6.Display depth:230mm
7.Resolution:Vertical≤1 mm;Horizontal≤2 mm
8.Geometrical Position:Vertical≤5%;Horizontal≤5% ,Probe Depth:19 mm
9.Blind area: ≤4 mm
10.Gray Scale:256 levels
11.Scanning line:512 lines/frame
12.Frame Frequency:30 frame/second
13.Gain Range:0-100 dB continuously adjustable,over 7 STC curves subsection adjusting
14.Focusing way:4 dynamic electronic of variable bore paths focus single-point,multi-points free combination automatic focusing,and the dynamic frequency scan
15.Digital scanning convert:512x512x8 bits
16.Cine-loop≥64 pcs
17.Image magnification:X0.8,X1.0,X1.5,X2.0(any 4 selectable)
18.Body marks:≥16
19.Monitor:14 inches high resolution
20.Probe connectiors:2
21.Power supply:110V~260v 50Hz/60Hz±2%
22.Continouous work hour: ≥10 hours

Standard Unit:
Main unit+2.5/3.5/5.0Mhz convex variable array probe

3.5MHz heat probe
5.0~7.5MHz Multi-frequency linear probe