MS-4000 Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine

MS-4000 Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine

MS-4000 series is a full digital colour doppler ultrasound diagnostic system with multi-function.It’s advanced hardware platform integrated with powerful software feartures to achieve a leap in image quality.

Ultra-wideban digital beamformer:
To ensure without loss of diagnostic information that effective control ultrasonic beam to eliminate the side lobe nosie,greatly enhancing the image spatial resolution and contrast ratio.

Improve sensititivey of colour flow CFM:
Tissue echo enhancement colour optimizatim technology-high sensitiveity.
According different depth and fat,thin to optimize images
Delete Ultrasound ghosting automatically
Filtered blood spills outside colour flow automatically to make the image more realistica and clear

Channel domain processing techniques:
New,very different ultrasound technology plateforem
Full sofware control of the beamformer
Faster Processing speed,More abundand amount of information.

Complete clinical features from the powerfull software features and hardware design:
Full motion color Doppler(CFM),color Doppler enery diagram(CPD)
Pulse Doppler (PW),Continuous Doppler(CW)
Improve the measurement package(abdominal,vascular,maternity,paediatrics and urology,etc)
All cinics, adult and pediatric cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, pediarics, endocrine branch
Peripheral Vascular, samll organ(breast,eye,esophagus,muscles,etc.) Throuch the skull, surgery, punture,etc.
Larege-screen LCD display,multi-angle full range of movement,the real clinical ultrasound for the diagnosis.
Touch-sreen operation of navigation systems,simplifying the complex procedures.
With a fully scalable digital image management system

17 Inches high resolution line by lye colour monitor
Convex/linear arrany of electrionics
2D(B mode),TM(M mode),PW,CW,CFM scanning mode
Single framb B, dual-frame B, M or B+M,CFM+M,CFM+PW display
Full digital transmit and receving image
Coplete measurement software bag(abdomen,blod vessel,cardiology,GYN,paediatric,Urology,Etc)
Organization second harmonic imaging
Extended image
Intelligent integrated graphic workstation
Double USB connnector,DICOM3.0 connector,CD-R/WK recordable CD-ROM, Network transmit fucntion,etc.

Standard configuration:
Main Unit + 17 inches high resolution line by line colour LCD monitor
Multi-frequency convex(obdomen)probe

Multi-frequency convex(heart) probe
Multi-frequency convex(rectal) probe
Multi-frequency linear probe
Video printer