MS-F300 X-Ray Film Processor

MS-F300 X-Ray Film Processor: 

Film Format(Max): 17 inch(14” x 17”) 

Film Format(Min): 3”x 6” 

Film Applicable: X-ray,CT,MRI,etc

Time of Developer/Cycle time: 20s ~ 90s/80s ~ 360s

Capacity: 100pcs/Hour(14” x 17”),160pcs/Hour(10”x12”) 

Chemical Temp.range: 20-40°C(dev,fix)40-65°C(dry) 

Tank Volume: 5L

Process Procedure: Developer→Fixer→Washer→Dryer

Replenishment:  Automatic or Manual(20-200ml/0.5m2 each time) 

Process Speed: 350-795mm/min

Washing: Controlled by solenoid valve and supply2-8L/min when feed in film automatically

Input Sensibility: Inlet micro-Switch

Environment Temp: 5°C - 25°C

Environment Humidity: Relatively60%

Power: 90-240V/50-60Hz/8.8A Single Phase

Dimensions(mm)(LxWxH): 760x600x420

Weight: 60kgs(withchemical),48kgs(without chemical) 
Transporting System: The Import motor performance is fine