Medical Blue Sensitive X-ray Film


1) 5in x 7in, 8in x 10in, 10in x 12in, 11in x 14in, 12in x 15in, 14in x 14in, 14in x 17in, 18cm x 24cm, 24cm x 30cm, 30cm x 40cm, 35cm x 35cm, 35cm x 43cm, etc.

2) Special specifications available according to customers' requirements.

This film is used for the examination of human body disease and abnormal changes of viscera, bones and soft tissues, providing reliable information for clinical diagnosis.

The film has sensitive emulsion layers on both sides of bluish polyester base, and must be used with the blue emitting intensifying screen.

It features high sensitive speed, moderate contrast, abundant gradation, good definition and low fog.



Can be matched with LUMAX intensifying screen or the screen of the other same system which matches the blue sensitive x-ray.

The film should be handled carefully by the edges to avoid physical strains.

The best conditions of usage should be: temperature:18-24℃ ,humidity :50%RH-65%RH.

Hands must be clean, dry and free of lotions ,etc.


Film Processing:

This film is designed for 90-seconds automated processing or manual processing.

The former is recommended with any kinds of film processor, developing at 30-35℃ in 23s.

In manual processing ,the film should be developed in temperature 20℃ for 5 minutes, fixed in 5-8 minutes, washed for 10-30 minutes and dried.



Use a safelight filter (dark red) in a suitable safelight lamp equipped with a 15-watt bulb. Keep the film at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) from the safelight, and the total lighting time is in 10 minutes..


Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 10-20℃, the humidity is 30%RH-60%RH).

Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, any bad effective gases, x-ray, gamma ray or any other penetrating rays.

Stored vertically to avoid any harmful effect caused by pressure.