MS-PD15 Bridge Type Pendant

MS-PD15 Bridge Type Pendant

1.ICU Bridge Type Ceiling-Mounted system,specially designed for intensive care rooms, the entire proocess wards, the recovery room.Supply flexible, first-rank nursing satisty patient's separate treatment and nursing demand.Unique design lies in it all hides the electrical cable and pipeline in the ceiling-mounted arm.

2.The modular design and multiple configurations.

3.Advanced spray technology, the intelligent combination of innovative ways to make the bridge pendant with diverse functions.


* Lightingx2.

* Columnx1,O2X2;VAC x1;AIR x1.

* Electrical socket x 8 (220V).

* Communication Socket x1.

* Shelf x 2,drawer x1,Cable pipe clamp x4,Stainless steel basket x1,extension arm x1,Stainless steel infusion rack x1.