MS-PD02 Pendant

MS-PD02 Pendant

The purpose of Ceiling-Mounted(Power)column is provides an innovate and practical medical care auxiliary equipment to ICU patient room. Compact, realized a column for one bed or a column for two-bed,this kind of ICU Station is especially designed for a small hospital area restrictions.


The load capacity for Pendant without arm is 150Kg

* 1 Power Box.

* 2 Ceiling Mounted Shelf.

* 1 Clip tube extension arm.

* 4 Cable pipe clamp.

* 4 Gas Socket- German Standard(O2x2,Airx1,Vacx1).

* 8 Multi-urpose Power Supply Socket.

* 1 Communication socket RJ45 .

* 4 Gas Outlets socket (O2x2,Airx1,Vacx1).