MS-T120 Fully Automatic CLIA Analzyer

MS-T120 Fully Automatic CLIA Analzyer

MS-T120 full-automatic chemiluminescence analyzer, a continuously-operated immunoassay instrument, can work with auxiliary reagents to form chemiluminescence immunoassay system. This system, applying the analysis principle that combines chemiluminescence and immunoassay technology, can carry out qualitative or quantitative detections of multiple analytes in human blood serum, plasma or other body fluids.

Main Parameters:

Test Principle:Magnetic solid phase separation chemilumienescence.

Throught put:120T/h

Test Time:15 min

Sample Tube Size:75mm/100 mm

Automatic Retest:Available

Internal standard curve:2-point/6-point cablibration

Support the reagent and sample bar code’s scanning recognition and location

Loading Sytem:

Patented reagent&Sample system.

Support the reagent and sample bar codes’ scanning recognition and location

Sample postion:60,supporting continouous loading

Support emergency first

Reagents postion:20,20items can be detetected at teh same time

Mix the magnetic bead&reagent completely

Equipped with 2-8 referigeration function

Support real-time monitoring and overdue reminder of reagent stock.

Cuvettes Loading:used for storage,loading,move and discarding of the cuvettes

High-efficiency intelligent mechanical finger module

96 Reaction vessels loaded,384pcs Max,extendable

4-hours unattended operation

Sampling needle:Used for ragents and derum sample-collecting

High-q1uality Teflon coating,waterfall cleaning to avoid cross contamination

Liquid level detection function

Reaction Sytem

Incubation of reaction tray:37±0.1,accurate temperature control function

Reaction position:96 pcs,extendable

Cleaning of reactiong tray:4-step auto cleaning

Storage area of cleaning solution and substrate:

Provide cleaning solution automatically

Provide substrate automatically

Liquid Level dectiong and alarm

Software system

User-friendly interface

Intelligent calibration and QC

Real-time status display

Strong data analysis function

Networking with LIS System

Data Editing,storage,inquiry and printing functions