MS-T60 Fully Automatic CLIA Analyzer

MS-T60 Fully Automatic CLIA Analyzer

MS-T60 is a small full-auto chemiluminescence analyzer characterized by small size, low maintenance costs, and complete reagent test menu.


Main Parameters:

Test Principle:Magnetic solid phase separation chemilumienescence.

Throught put:60T/h

Test Time:15 min

Sample Tube Size:75mm/100 mm

Automatic Retest:Available

Internal standard curve:2-point/6-point cablibration

Support the reagent and sample bar code’s scanning recognition and location

Loading Sytem:

Patented reagent&Sample system.

Support the reagent and sample bar codes’ scanning recognition and location

Sample postion:20,supporting continouous loading

Support emergency first

Reagents postion:12,12items can be detetected at teh same time

Mix the magnetic bead&reagent completely

Equipped with 2-8 referigeration function

Support real-time monitoring and overdue reminder of reagent stock.

Tip head stroage area,96pcs of tip head can be loaded,288pcs max expandable

4-hour unattended operation

Reaction Sytem

Incubation of reaction tray:37±0.1,accurate temperature control function

Reaction position:96 pcs,extendable ,288 pcs max

Cleaning of reaction tray:4-step auto clieaning

Tip head design,avoid cross-contamination

Storage area of cleaning solution and substrate

Provide cleaning solution automatically

Provide substrate automatically

Liquid level detection and alarm

Software system

User-friendly interface

Intelligent calibration and QC

Real-time status display

Strong data analysis function

Networking with LIS System

Data Editing,storage,inquiry and printing functions