MS-M8400 Mammography System

MS-M8400 Mammography System


1. It is sensitive to mammary gland lump, calcification, protuberance and carcinogenesis, can be used in the radiography department, breast surgical department of general hospital and physical examination center.

2. It adopts solid dry-type high frequency generator, so there is no oil in the generator, no risk for leak.

3. Adoption of the Toshiba patented rotary anode molybdenum target X-ray tube helps to improve the image definition.

4. The frequency, as high as 80kHz, contributes to a more smooth power output with less scattered radiation, improving the picture contrast.

5. The mechanic design borrows some ideas from the popular models global wide and adopts the latest human engineering technologies, which are designed to add comfort to the patient’s examination.

6. The new model stream line shell, which make the appearance more beautiful.

7. The C-arm electric isocentric rotating with a unique automatic back to center function, so it’s very convenient for the doctor to operate.

8. Installed with full color LCD display and work station is equipped with touch screen.

9. The computerized control and operation further improves its safety, reliability, as well as ease of use.

Technical Parameters:

Frequency Inverter:80Hz

Imput Power:110/220V,50/60Hz

Power Rating:6.2kW


Focal Spot:Dual Focus 0.2/0.4mm

Focal: Large Focal Point 20-38Kv/10-510mAs;Small Focal Point 20-35Kv/10-100mAs

Cassette Image Receptor: 18×24cm Bucky drive mechanism; Grid Ratio: 5:1 ,30 Line/cm

C-ARM: Vertical Movement Electrically 590mm Rotatins Degree:+90°~-90°; SID: 650mm